Sigma Kappa

Chapter Philanthropy

Chapter Philanthropy

Sigma Kappa supports the following five philanthropic endeavors: the Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology Research, the Maine Sea Coast Mission, and the Alzheimer’s Association. Nationally, Sigma Kappa is known for its commitment to Gerontology and Alzheimer’s Research.​

The Sigma Kappa Foundation​: On campus, we host marathon bingo on our campus for student's and the community. People come from all around to play and donate to the Sigma Kappa Foundation.


Inherit the Earth​: We have a Chipotle fundraiser in which part of the proceeds go to Inherit the Earth. After big events on campus, we will do a trash dash to pick up garbage around campus.


Gerontology Research​: We are adding a new event on campus that hasn't been released yet!!


The Maine Sea Coast Mission​: Every year we arm knit scarves and send donations​.


 The Alzheimer’s Association: We participate​ in the the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s​ every year and raise donations as well. 

Our sisters are also active in supporting the philanthropies of the other sororities and fraternities on our campus, as well as the Circle of Sisterhood.